Contribution Conference


HOW the IDEA of the Contribution Conference WAS BORN

“Over the last few years I’ve developed a passion for working with injured veterans, especially with amputees. I believe they absolutely deserve our support in return for their courage & determination in protecting our lives. They’ve paid a huge price for serving the country. I feel privileged to have a few of them as my great friends.

I was honoured to work as the Nutrition Sponsor for a couple of expeditions, that involved injured veterans, dedicating personal time and money into supporting them. That’s how I met Pete Bowker, our keynote speaker.


I also started running as a main sport, at the age of 50 and went from being an untrained runner to running ultra-marathons, to raise money for BLESMA, The Limbless Veterans Charity.

This year I’m challenging myself to a fitness challenge of a lifetime – a 100k ultra run in September, then climbing Mount Kilimanjaro a month later – continuing my fundraising activities to support limbless veterans. HOWEVER, somehow all of the above still DIDN’T seem ENOUGH to me. I wanted to contribute more!

I began looking for another way to raise awareness about BLESMA, their work and to raise more funds for them. I thought, what if I could organise an event that would bring together HEROES and ENTREPRENEURS, who would deliver a blend of business & inspirational topics that would benefit many, from injured veterans & amputees through illnesses, like type 2 diabetes to business owners & those who want to start up a business and to those people who would like to be part of something special, who would like to contribute to a great cause.


This is how the idea of the CONTRIBUTION CONFERENCE ‪#‎CC16‬‬ was born, literally a few weeks ago.

I’ve chosen 11th June as a date for the event, purely because it is a Saturday ending the Blesma week in the country, and I thought it would be an ideal timing for the CONTRIBUTION CONFERENCE.


I’ve decided to call upon my friends, great speakers and entrepreneurs, to ask if they would help me with the event. One by one they have responded to my call and agreed to support this great cause.

Every speaker and member of the Conference Advisory Board has volunteered their services for free.
I’m hugely GRATEFUL to All of Them!

I believe that together, we will make the event a huge success and we will reach our goal of raising £15,000  from the Contribution Conference.
All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated in full to Blesma, The Limbless Veterans Charity. There will be also opportunities on the day to raise more funds.

Together we can make a difference!



​Izabella Niewiadomska – The Director of the Contribution Conference #CC16

​About Izabella Niewiadomska, The Director of The Contribution Conference 2016


​​Izabella is a speaker and the author of the upcoming book ‘Stop Dieting Start Eating’.  She has been working as a Performance Nutrition and Wellness Coach and an Independent Herbalife Member for over 23 years.

Izabella has established a unique way of working with people to help them develop long term results, and find simple solutions to Look Good, Feel Good and Perform Better.  She helps individuals and organisations to embrace a Healthy Active Lifestyle, and to raise the awareness of how what we eat and how we think as these areas impact our energy levels, overall wellbeing and performance in our personal and professional lives.

Izabella has been privileged to work with the 65 Degrees North team as the Nutrition Sponsor of their two expeditions that involved injured veterans. They successfully recorded the ‘World’s First Unsupported Crossing of the Greenland Ice Cap by an Amputee’ in June 2015, and completed the ‘Kili Challenge’ in February 2016.

Inspired by her amputee friends, Izabella started running at the age of 50, and went from an untrained to an ultra runner helping raise funds for Blesma, The Limbless Veterans Charity.

She has been featured in Women’s Fitness, Top Sante, Migrant Woman magazines and other.