Migrant Woman Book



Why this book is important now?

The current refugee crisis is now one of the biggest challenges in the world. Many believe the problem is simply too big and too complex to solve. But I come from Albania, the country of Mother Teresa who said, “If you can’t feed the whole world then start by feeding one person”. This is how my venture started with these fifty migrant and refugee women; to listen to their stories and to share their voices with the whole world. Their in-depth stories will serve to showcase their individual strengths in the face of daunting challenges and their collective experiences will inspire many others who are facing the same, or similar, challenges. The aim is to share their wisdom, their resilience and the lessons they learned on their life journey and the messages that they would like to share with other women.

The overall goal of this project therefore is to raise awareness about the compassion that we need to show collectively toward migrants and refugees, and especially to recognise the values and the power that such women can bring to the new countries.

We have always been passionate about working and supporting women, especially those who come from a challenging background. We founded the Migrant Women Association on 2015, and organised many events, including two successful conferences in central London called ‘Inspiring Migrant Women’ which also included the presentation of the “Migrant Woman of the Year award” – a recognition of migrant women who have overcome many challenges and helped their communities to integrate into British society (www.migrantwomantalks.com).

We have created a big network, and a team of colleagues who always support us in our projects and we are very grateful those who joined us on this mission.

A big thank you to Unlimited for supporting me to finance this book and encouraging me to make it happen.


Mirela Sula

Director of Migrant Woman