Where are you from?

Migrant Woman Magazine - Where are you from?

I was born in a small village, in a small country. This is where my story begins. While I was growing up, I asked my parents – “What is beyond this place?” I had to wait until my wedding to see that beyond my village was a small town. But one day, beyond my small town, I discovered a bigger place: it was the capital of my country. After going through a separation, I touched what was beyond it, and came here to feel the beauty of London.

Today, we live with our suitcases in hand, running to stations, catching flights, constantly in motion.  We come and go. Visit, travel, work and return, as we move from the places we are presently at, to the places we want to be.  Where are we going? Wherever we go our memories come with us, and often they lead us to our origin, that place within ourselves.

Our mind turns inward, to the place that we started from, so that we can relearn the first steps; so that we can speak our first words, before we can gain confidence in our, now, much bigger world. We are in London for a better life, for ourselves and for our children. But this giant leap has its emotional costs.

This is a cost that is mostly paid by the women who are the pillars of the family. Coping with a new country, a different language and a different life.  It can be challenging. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but it will certainly be worth it! This is the message we, at Migrant Woman, would like to convey. In this great country, everyone learns to develop and exercise his/her freedoms.

Migrant Woman will promote the freedom of expression of migrant women from all over the world, and will bring their voices together. Stories that are not told cannot be heard. Here, we will use our voices to tell the world that we exist, here and now. We are ready to explore the expanses of the Universe within and around ourselves.

Mirela Sula – Editor- In-Chief