Ana Filipovska – How Meditation Has Changed My Life

Ana Filipovska

Ana is a young girl from Macedonia and life has booked so many tickets for her to travel in different countries of the world. Being a very spiritual person she has always followed her inner guide while she learnt the first steps. We talk to Ana for this interview at a very important stage of her life – she just has found her love. Thomas, her fiancé, is from Norway and her life is now going to be even more blended between two cultures.

Ana is an architect but meditation has guided her to a new path of exploration – she wanted to be a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and this became a mission of her life. It is a long journey, which has just has started for her.

You have travelled in different countries – what you have learned from this journey?

I was fortunate to have the chance to travel to many countries and experience the flavour and richness of many different cultures. When I went to my Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course in Thailand, I got to know people from different countries in Africa and Asia. Despite the differences in culture and religion, I noticed that below the surface there is a fundamental basis which is the same. We have the same desire for growth in life, to connect with others and to be appreciated. The more we experience these similarities the more we appreciate and love others.

Which country would be your favourite?

In every country that I have visited, I have found loving and caring people who have showed me great hospitality. After becoming a TM teacher, I feel very much at home in myself. When I travel, I feel at home in every country and enjoy the qualities of that country even more.

Do you think that meditation has impacted your lifestyle?

Absolutely. Life is always progressive for everyone but when one starts Transcendental Meditation this progress goes much faster. I became more refined and aware of the influences on my body and mind. That helped me to spontaneously live more in tune with nature.

How did you start meditation – what made you follow this path?

I was fortunate to be born in a family of meditators and my mother introduced me to Transcendental Meditation at a very early age. The experience of the deep inner silence and more flow in daily life made me think that everyone should have this.

How do you remember the beginning of this journey?

I always had a desire to make an impact in the world and for a while I thought that I could make a change through architecture, which led me to finish a degree in architecture. After having worked as an architect for a while, the deep desire to make a positive change in people and the society from the deepest level of nature, the unified field, became more dominant and it was clear for me what to do. Now my plan is to integrate the technical knowledge that I have with the principles of Vedic Architecture (Architecture in accord with Natural Law) to produce a strong effect of harmony in society.

What do you believe are the benefits of meditation?

When we are doing TM our EEG (measurement of brainwave coherence) is rising, which means that we are using more of our latent parts of the brain. Afterwards when we are going out into activity we are more creative, efficient and our IQ is rising. We perform better at work and we have greater appreciation of others. The profound rest that TM is giving is reversing the aging process.

One study shows that over 35 years, TM practitioners that had been meditating for more than 5 years, have a biological age which is 12 years younger than the chronological age. TM is the most efficient stress buster which helps to maintain good health. These are only a few of the many benefits we can have from TM and if a person starting TM gains only 10 % of the benefits that we see, then it is already a lot. The good news is that the benefits from practicing TM are cumulative with time.

You recently said publicly that you have found your love. Do you think that love and meditation have a connection?

When we do Transcendental Meditation we develop the qualities of our heart and our ability to love grows. Every relationship is based on giving and we can only give from what we have. When our heart is overflowing with love, this spreads to our environment and we experience more and more positive influences from the people around us.

What is your love story?

For a while I was single and happy but at some point I noticed a deeper desire to find my soul-mate. I had been friends with Thomas for 3 years and spontaneously during the last 6 months I grew closer and closer to him in a very natural manner.

You are from Macedonia and Thomas is from Norway. Where is the place that you feel that you could live happily together?


I feel that there is a reason why I was born in Macedonia. As I have matured, this reason became clear – that I have a duty for my country to raise the collective consciousness. I also have a duty as a woman to have my own family. Before I met Thomas I could live in Macedonia because it is a beautiful country and the people are very warm and loving. The country is in development, so there is a huge opportunity to contribute to the growth and change.


Now that I am in a union of love with Thomas, things have changed and we are starting to structure our lives so that we can see each other as much as possible. Thomas is also a TM teacher and has flexibility in his work. For the near future I am working on a structure in Macedonia, and making sure that the growth of consciousness and care for the people will continue, even without me being present in the country all the time. In the long-term we plan to live together in an abundance of love and stability and we have decided that it is best to do that in Norway.


How has meditation impacted on your love?


Meditation helped me to be on the right path and attracting people that were always right for me. With meditation my intuition was developing very strongly and was guiding me to find the right partner. Intuitively I just know what is right for me rather than having to try out things to know that.

Meditation has helped me gain peace within and happiness in life. I was never feeling that I needed a partner just for the sake of having someone beside me. When I was single, I felt more and more self-sufficient and independent, and at the point when I felt most happy and at peace with myself, that was when the right person came into my life. I accepted what nature gave me and acknowledge that this relationship will give more wholeness to life.

What would you suggest for migrant women who want to learn meditation?

Generally women have a more refined physiology and this fast way of living while always striving for more success, leads to greater accumulation of stresses and fatigue. Every woman should uphold this refined physiology so that she is able to nourish herself and her family and friends. Transcendental Meditation is the most efficient technique that every woman can implement in her daily routine, to experience more inner peace while she performs her activities and thereby living a more joyful and fulfilled life.

What are your plans for the future?

My plan is to continue to teach people Transcendental Meditation so that they can live a harmonious life and achieve their desires faster. I also have a strong desire to contribute to the establishment of bigger groups of meditators, to make a more peaceful society with more life supporting activities.