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Tony J Selimi

Tony Selimi was born in western Macedonia, in a little town called Gostivar. His parents are a working class family, who owned a restaurant in Bosnia and like many other families back then spent most of their time working far away from home, to make a living that provided for the family. He lived on the farm with his sisters and grandparents and started to work at a very young age. By the time he was seven years of age and had started school, he already knew how to cook, milk the cows and sell the produce from the farm in the local community.

During his childhood Tony saw a lot of injustice, and people enduring a lot of physical and emotional abuse and discrimination. A voice deep inside was telling him that he was different and that he did not belong there. Tony knew that he came to this world from somewhere else, with a mission to do greater things and to stop the suffering he was seeing all around him. Back then he did not know what that mission was and how he would achieve it. However what Tony did know was that people all around him needed his help and he was great at giving what he knew of what to give – Love.

When Tony started his primary school he could already speak in three languages, and in his spare time he also used various manuals and books to learn to repair TV’s, radios and other household items. He became an expert at DIY and felt good about helping people who were frustrated and angry when their TV would break down. Back then it was the same as having an iPad in today’s world.

At the age of 10 he became very sick and ended up in hospital with multiple illnesses that left him unconscious for almost six months. During his hospital days he observed many ailing people. He says that he often had conversations with God and asked Him to give him a manual that he can use to help people heal, live longer and reunite them with their loved ones. He says that his feeling to help people love, heal and empower to live in peace never left him.

In 1989 when the civil war in the former Yugoslav republic broke out Tony was forced to join the army and spent the next 18 months in the war. He saw many atrocities that left him scarred for life. He lost friends, family and the country he grew up in was being destroyed by the second. In 1990 he ended up on the streets of London. In his book A Path to Wisdom Tony speaks in more details about the five major breakdowns that destabilised his emotional, mental, physical and spiritual life that also led to the greatest life breakthroughs.

Everything Tony endured guided him to seek the best teachers, healers and coaches to help him find solutions to his life’s challenges. During this process he learned a lot of tools, gathered much knowledge and in the process he healed, aligned his life to his purpose, and to his childhood dream to be of service and help others to do the same. Tony is helping people to increase their capacity to love one another and grow to higher states of awareness. It is a deeply moving and powerful story.



You talk about a lot of difficulties you have been through in life.Do you think that this has impacted on who you are today?

Absolutely, each and every experience I have gone through has brought me to the present moment in time. It took me years to forgive those who wronged me, trespassed and committed crimes on a massive scale. Years of personal development, reflecting and working with the world’s best teachers helped me to understand everything that I was experiencing from much a higher perspective than the one I was experiencing.

Each decision, each road I have walked, came with its own lessons. One single choice or a decision can change the direction of our life forever. In my book I talk in much more depth about how everything we do, think, say, or feel, has an impact on who we are at each moment in time. I take the readers on a journey so that they too can come to that space in which they are aware of the subconscious choices that sabotage their reality.

It often happens that people give up when they are in a bad place.What is thelowest point where they can still be helped to move on to a better place?

When you are at your lowest, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. What people can do at the point of struggle is to simply ask the question: “Does this feel loving to me?”

We are here for one purpose only, we are made to give and receive love. When we are at that bad space we are simply experiencing a disconnect from love, from loving ourselves. The body has massive intelligence that tells us when we are in harmony with love. Tap into it, learn to know your own body, your mind, and your emotions, they are your doorway to love. People can use the five steps described in the TJS Evolutionary Method to build the mind-set that is required to move to a better place.

Why do some people keep believing in a better life and others just accept the pessimistic view of life, and doing nothing to change that?

Both our conscious and 90% of our subconscious belief s create our reality. Our values determine the choices we make in life. Both our values and beliefs are formed at a very young age and the problem is that most of them are not ours, they come from our parents, family, culture we are born into, religion, and the society in which we live in. Not many people ever question this, not many are aware of millions of beliefs that are present in their subconscious mind that shape the reality in which you live in.

Working with thousands of clients, for sure I come across many pessimistic people. Once I helped a client get clarity on her personal values and we spent six months identifying the beliefs that were holding her back. This for her was the most enlightening experience. Through each session we uncovered deep rooted disempowering beliefs which start creating their personal affirmations, helping them to create new beliefs that are more empowering. Research done by University College London shows that it takes 66 days to create a new belief, unless you have a good coach to work with and hold you accountable for the changes you wish to make. What I see in my day to day life is that most people give before they even start.

In your book you talk about the importance of the energy, vibration, and light within.Do you think that these concepts are well accepted by the wider audience?

In today’s DNA of the age where information is at our fingertips, people have a choice to raise their vibration and learn more about themselves. Like everything in life there will always be people who seek their truth and answers to life’s biggest questions, such as where do we come from, why am I here and where do I go once I die. And there will always be people who live their life on snooze and don’t accept change.

The entire universe changes, evolves, expands and contracts, so do we. We are part of that universe, not a separate entity. To deny that is simply not an option in a world where we have all the tools to empower ourselves to gain deeper understanding on how we and the universe we live in works.

Everywhere I travel I see more and more people turn to spiritual practices to help them deal with the demands of their daily lives. In my recent trip to John of God in Brazil, I experienced things that my rational mind cannot explain. Thousands of people on a daily basis come to see this man to seek spiritual healing and help. Hundreds of people have gone through my workshops to learn about themselves, to grow and learn how to transform their fears into a new found freedom, how to communicate with love and how to truly open their lives to love.

You work as a life coach – what is your target client? Do you work with migrant women as well?

I work with a range of individuals who lack clarity, vision and purpose. My clients are highly successful individuals who work under tremendous pressure, experience profound emptiness and have a range of emotional and physical issues that prevent them from living a healthy, balanced and peaceful life.

My clients are both men and women. They range from celebrities, coaches, MPs, doctors, leaders, and entrepreneurs, to senior executives of companies such as Microsoft, Bank of America, Ignis Asset Management, Deutche Bank, Santander and Mishcon de Reya across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and USA.

Of course I have many migrant women clients from all walks of life who seek a spiritual teacher and a coach that can help them in their own personal journey. Recently, I signed up to my yearly Elite Life Coaching for Inspired Living Program with Shelley J Whitehead. Shelley is an award winning Relationship Coach from South Africa, who works with women who are looking for support to rebuild their life after being dumped, divorced or going through bereavement.

Being a migrant myself, I have overcome many physical, emotional and mental challenges that come as a result of starting a new life abroad. I know at first hand the many issues that migrant women go through when settling in a new country and how to help them overcome the issues that prevent them from living an inspired live.

My Breakthrough Coaching is for those who are seeking self-love, authenticity, a peaceful life, confidence, growth and long lasting results. For people who want to clarify their goals and realise their vision, for people who want to stop living their life on “Snooze” and awaken to their true calling.

What are the main concerns that women bring into your sessions?

Many of my women clients I have worked with experience deep rooted fears, loneliness, rejection, stress, anger, panic attacks, control issues and are in need of validation. For many, lack of self-confidence, self-love and not being in control of their emotions are the biggest concerns that they wish to address.

Some are stuck in an unfulfilled relationship and looking for ways to make things better, or to develop the confidence to walk away and build a new life. Others are single women with a head full of noise, lack work-life balance and are simply unhappy in the way they live their life.

What is the change that these people see after attending your sessions?

I am known amongst my clients for creating amazing transformations and leaving them feeling supported, inspired, empowered and at peace with themselves.

TJS Evolutionary method has helped each one of my clients bring to their conscious awareness the subconscious habits, behaviours and attitudes that help them free themselves from their inner self-made prison. They start feeling happy, joyful and grounded. They access other parts of themselves that they put in use to help them live a purposeful life.

What is the wisdom you would like to share with our readers?

To live an inspired life, you must surrender in the process, trust your own intuition and use your built in ALARM to safely navigate through times of turbulence tohelp you reach inner peace, stillness and be present. Just like any top performer, if you want to succeed, invest in yourself. Get yourself a mentor, life coach, or a spiritual healer who has successfully achieved what you want to achieve and has an in-depth knowledge in the areas you want to develop. If you want to go fast in life, you go alone, though if you want to go far then you need someone you can trust, who is capable and committed.

At each moment in time, you have the chance to re-write your life story. You did not come here with a set purpose, you came here with a free will to create your purpose that is aligned to your personal desires and values you have. If you want to change your life, be clear on the fears that keep you stuck.Learn your highest values that determine your choices and make your daily actions aligned to your highest values, and see your purpose unfold like a sunflower does towards the sun.

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