Alina Buraja: My mission is to make women look and feel younger


Alina’s story is rare and worthy of sharing with readers of Migrant Woman. She is only 20, and decided to leave her home country, Latvia, less than two years ago, initially for just a short visit in London. Alina believes that she has a big mission to fulfil in life, which is to make women feel happy. If you were to meet Alina, you would be affected not only from her natural beauty but from the way she communicates and tries to express herself as well. Alina is a very impressive young woman who is mature, intelligent, and confident about achieving her objectives in life. She knows what she wants and her story is about how she is proudly building her future success.

My grandparents are in Latvia, and my parents have been living in Norway but the great news for me is that they are moving to the UK in June. In Riga I did karate for eight years and spent some time as a ‘face fitness specialist’.  I came to London in July 2012 after finishing secondary school and will be launching a new business in August.

Am I scared of taking this adventure? I would say that it is exciting and not scary. I love it that every day I have something new to study, to discover and to try. It is essential to have challenges in my life. At the age of 18 I started a small business, a 6 weeks course for women to lose weight and get toned legs (based on balley) and in total I had 80 clients, which gave me some experience.

At first I came just for summer work, as my friend had invited me to visit London. Then I was so excited to get a chance to become a fitness instructor in London that I stayed. I have had amazing support from two of my friends, who always help me when I need it. And of course my parents, who trust me, support me and give me the freedom to make my dreams come true.

From childhood I had always wanted to help all women to be healthy and beautiful. While at school, I could not wait for my graduation to start making my dreams true. It just happened naturally and I have a belief that everything will be great whatever I decide to do.

My parents accepted my decision to emigrate. They have always allowed me to do whatever I want and fully trust me and give me amazing support. Usually people say that it is good when people do not believe in you and your dreams, so you have an additional motivation to prove your ability. In my case it does not work, the most important key to success for me is just to know that all my relatives and friends undoubtedly believe in that I can achieve my goal.

I registered my venue on which is the website where customers can view any venue, any service, and book it online. I have attended many business networking events which helped me a lot, especially in meeting amazing people, discovering so many new, interesting, and useful things.

Word of mouth promotion has also helped, as people are very curious to know what I am doing, which includes new marketing projects. The people I meet do not accentuate my age, they are just wondering how knowledgeable I am, and to know more of my individual approach for giving tailored services and tips. They have been showing a full trust in me and I am very grateful for that.

I am there to let people know that they can control what happens to their face as they age. We can have a face to match the way we feel inside. The secret of facial ageing is so well hidden. No one can clearly answer why we start to get wrinkles and other unpleasant stuff. We can replace Botox, fillers, operations with our hands. The only rule is to set a goal and be committed.

It is special because others (cosmetologists, surgeons and so on) solve our problem. That solution is temporary and no one is surprised by that. It happens because no one found a cause and did not fix it. That is why we have problems emerging again and again.

My aim is to open more Facial Gyms in London and then throughout the UK. And to make online education available for those who don’t have a chance to visit Facial Gym (which will be a place for all the materials and videos to be always handy).

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