Franco Cruzat: Women are more in touch with their intuition

Franco Cruzat

Franco Cruzat is an intuitive coach and psychic. With the use of his intuition, many years of experience and connection to his Spirit Guides, Franco gives you the information that is necessary to break through the blocks that are affecting your life, helps to understand what you want to achieve, and to see a clear path to achieving it.

We met Franco to talk about intuitive life coaching, and to understand how he helps his clients to change their lives.

What exactly is intuitive life coaching? Is it different from other life coaching and self-development techniques?

Intuitive life coaching is a holistic approach to coaching which looks at the whole individual on a mental, emotional and physical level. I use combination of coaching and personal development techniques, and help and guidance of my spirit guides, to help you to create the life that you want, and to identify issues that currently affect your ability to do it.

To help you to change your life in any particular way, we will look together into what you are trying to achieve. We will see how you are looking at change from perspectives of your beliefs, attitudes and understandings on an energetic level. We look at limiting beliefs, attitudes, negative emotions, and then look at how to change the patterns that keep you locked in particular modes of behaviour. We then formulate a clear path to achieving it, and will gradually introduce a number of techniques to help you on your path, including a variety of guided visualisations and meditation techniques that form an intricate part of all the work that I do.

This is a collaborative process and requires the client to connect with their own intuition too. In your feelings lies the path to your achievements, in your intention and the manner of it lies the determination to achieve, and in your practice and honesty lies the way to do so.

What is your experience and background in coaching and spiritual development? How did your journey begin?

My journey began more than 20 years ago with the study of Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga. Through practising them I developed my abilities as a psychic. I became a Tarot reader, palm reader, astrologer, rune reader, past life reader, clairvoyant and lastly a Medium.

I worked as a psychic online and offline, running and managing an international line. Together with my colleagues, we created a number of personal development programmes that look at peoples’ thoughts and belief structures, to see how they affect the peoples’ lives in an either empowering or disempowering way. I used to run workshops and talks on all of the above. This work eventually led me to also learning counselling and life coaching practices.

The final, and by far the most interesting part of my journey, was consciously connecting with my Spirits Guides and becoming a channel for them to work through.

My Intuitive Coaching practice developed from that, and it incorporates all of the above with the guidance of my Spirits Guides. And it is my experience which is my most valuable asset. After 20 years of practising and thousands of clients, I have developed a unique way of connecting with peoples’ energy field and aura. With the aid of my guides, I got the ability to see deeply into the person I am working with.

My intuition and my guides open the best way to enable people to access their own personal power, sometimes healing, sometimes overcoming, sometimes understanding, sometimes just growing out of themselves and fulfilling their own potential and ambitions.

Tell us more about your spirit guides?

I have three spirit guides that I work with. One of them has been with me for a long time, ever since I started and before, and he has always given me guidance. He is in the spirit world, but his last incarnation was in North America and he comes to me with that identity. He is very tall and strong, and he protects me in all kinds of ways from the energies that people bring with them. He helps me to identify the issues that people are carrying, and what they need.  Another guide is a more ancient spirit, he has been here many times and comes to me when people need deep guidance and healing. I also have a healer guide who comes around when people need healing and balance, she comes through my voice, which a lot of people find soothing, calming and healing. I also have family members and ancestors who come to help when someone needs the help. It feels very much like a team effort. All of them are here to share their wisdom and knowledge and to help, guide and heal, and I am an open channel to them. They share with me information and guide me to what would work best in terms of how to deal with the issues or situation my clients find themselves in.

What usually happens on an intuitive life coaching session? What can a client expect during and after a session?

The first session is usually the longest one; it can last from an hour to an hour and a half. Here we identify what is going on and why, we look at where you want to go and discuss potential ways of achieving this, we set goals and plans to proceed. Sometimes my clients need one session, sometimes several, depending on the depth of the work that needs to be done.

The process that my clients go through always leads to personal growth and understanding, whether it be understanding the relationship they are in and what is needed in that situation, or understanding what do you want to achieve on a creative basis, or simply learning more about yourself and what you are capable of achieving once you start to live by the guidance of your own intuition.

What is the usual profile of your clients, and what are the most common problems people want help with? 

Most of my clients are women as they are usually more in touch with their intuition. However, some men come for coaching too, especially those in performing arts, as they need to get in touch with their intuitive side. The two most common areas that people come to me for, are the areas of relationships and their career. In terms of relationships, I help people to understand where they are at, what patterns they may be stuck in and how they can break out of those. I help people to understand their partners, see how relationships are working, and most importantly how to move them forward. With their career, I work with people in all areas, but tend to attract creative people. Performers, writers, and designers, they all have different issues that are at some point in their career preventing them from achieving their personal goals. We work together to both identify them and then create a plan of action to move them forward.