Tess Hunnybell – Make Love Your Goal

Tess Hunneybell - Making Love Your Goal

There is no light at the end the tunnel. There is no tunnel.
As long as the waves keep rolling in all is well in our perfect World … Tess
By Ermonela Kapedani


This message appears on the website MakeLoveYourGoal.com – making you feel imediately optimistic and wanting to know more about what we constantly look for, love, and happiness! We also want to know more about the person who can help us in the challenge of being more knowledgeable about love and happiness, Tess Hunneybell

You are born in London but you live in Italy – what is your story?

Yes, I was born in London to Irish immigrant parents. Even though I felt home was our house they always called Ireland home. Every year we would all ‘go home’ on holiday. When I was 18 I was planning a trip to Spain for a week with friends. The cost was high and the desire to go was low. I saw an advert for a flight to Delhi in a student paper and decided then and there that was to be my first journey that was not ‘going home’.

My mum thought that as I had a second cousin who was a priest in Delhi the trip would be fine. 1979 I was on a flight to the first step in what has turned out to be a life journey of travel. I have lived and worked all over the world. Before we came to Italy we lived on the tiny Caribbean Island of Dominica in the West Indies where we built and ran an award winning Eco Tree House Resort. Before Dominica we lived on rural surf beach in Southern Mexico for 5 years.

There is an expression stating “Home is where love is” – where is your home Tess?

I spent many years traveling hoping to find a place, a person, a calling that would be home for me. Along with the adventure it was also a lonely at times. When I finally allowed myself to drop in to and feel the love my own heart I found ‘Home’. By keep my heart full of Love each day I always have a comfortable, relaxed, joyful home no matter what soil my feet are standing on.

Do you feel yourself as a migrant in Italy or is it just another home to you?

San Flaviano, in the mountains of Umbria is the answer to the prayer, “Love take me to a place of peace, love and light that I may teach only love”. At exactly that moment an advert for this beautiful 15C monastery came into my inbox. We went to see it and bought it. Today it is where we live.

Due to changes in politics and circumstances in Mexico we had to leave our beautiful home on  the beach. We also had to leave our 2 foster children and our friends. This was one of the hardest lessons I have learned. Letting go of physical attachment to a building and the attachment of physical connection to the people. Now I know that Love is the only attachment that is real and it needs no building, no touch or no conditions. Living at San Flaviano monastery we enjoy it’s beauty, it’s breathtaking surroundings and the comfort we have added, but I have no attachment to it at all.

You already have established your company “Make Love your Goal” – what does it mean, can you tell us a bit more about it?

I travel constantly; I set up new exciting projects, I teach internationally and coach professionally specialising in Love, Happiness and Authentic Success. I use Love as my compass to where to go next, what to do next, what to say and counsel. The name came about when I was teaching Love and self-acceptance to teens on Dominica.

Love is my only goal in my life. When we use Love as our only goal towards ourselves first and then all other we see and feel the magnificence of our being here on the Earth, our Heaven.

According to you what is the definition of love? / What is your definition to love?

Our Universe is made of Love, from Love by Love. It is the energy that nurtures and nourishes all life. Love is the only thing that is real. Everything else is a call for love. When we awaken to the reality that only Love exists and all else is only our human imagination we are free of all pain, all fear, all lack. We ARE Love. Only Love.

Is there any gender difference in the way that women and men express love?

Love is our essence, our unconditional selves. Love is what we are, whether we are male or female. From when we are born we experience life’s knocks and hurts that build up blocks in our consciousness to unconditional self love and acceptance. We have each created a ‘Love Contract’. The contact states “I will be Love when…” Each one of us has his and her own set of conditions depending on our experiences and beliefs. Due to gender roles, expectations, media and cultural beliefs these maybe different for men and women. The expression of Love is not different but the self imposed blocks to Love may differ.

What is your personal goal in life?

Love is my Goal. To touch each person I meet in person or through my writing with unconditional Love and total acceptance. It makes every moment of my life amazing!

Who is Tess?

Tess is one of Positive Psychology’s new happiness experts who holds a certificate in Happiness Coaching from The Happiness Project UK, the longest running scientific study on happiness in the world. The Happiness Project was first set up by the NHS in the UK and has been featured in two BBC documentaries that have been view by over 30 million people worldwide.  Tess is also a certified Success Intelligence Coach working with corporations and running courses along side individual personal coaching. She is also the founder of Make Love Your Goal, a teaching on love and a member of “The Ethical Team” setting new standards of ethics in UK corporations.

Tess travelled the world and along with her husband Kevin has designed and built restaurants and a small private resort. They recently sold their prize winning “Manicou River Tree House Eco Resort” in the Caribbean and are currently renovating a 10C monastery in Italy which opens it’s doors this year as a retreat centre. During her travels Tess has been a voluntary teacher in five locations where she has financed and set up schools, education and health projects. Her latest project is a certified Hospitality Training Course in a second chance centre for Caribbean teens. .[1] Teaching happiness in the Caribbean, Mexico, USA and now the UK and Europe, the happiness expert explains that happiness is much more than just a reward you can obtain, a goal you can achieve, or an emotional response. It is a spiritual path… and can be YOUR spiritual path! In this interview she has more to share about her, love and happiness.

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