Anna-Cajsa Johansson – London Helped Me To Better Express Myself  


After finishing the Gymnasium Level of Education (Upper Secondary) in Kalmar, Sweden, Anna-Cajsa with another friend had the desire to take some time out to travel and see something different.

They had initially set their sights on Australia but they were too restless to save up for the money needed for the visa, so they decided on London. It was a decision made with ease at the time, which was meant to be a six month adventure followed by a move on to France, as she had also studied French along with English at school.

Looking back at those decisions now, she is also very aware of the discomfort that partly brought the move on. She wanted to break free, and also free from states of emotion that felt attached to her life to that point. Anna-Cajsa realised the reality that she was only trying to escape from herself and she shares her story with us.

What were the biggest changes or challenges that you faced when you arrived in London?
The language was the biggest challenge, the frustration and embarrassment of not being able to express myself like I wanted to and the fear of being misinterpreted and misunderstood. Starting off working in a pub in Greenwich, I remember spending a lot of time smiling and nodding and asking people to repeat themselves. I was so self-conscious about it all but working in a team that was a mix of Scottish, Mexican and German, even as some of this was very uncomfortable it was mixed with a lot of laughs and great friendships.

I remember having my first dream in English after about 3 months, and then the shift to it all just being one language in my mind. I felt responsible only for myself in having left my home country and that was a very freeing feeling for me. I liked the anonymity of London and felt it helped my self-expression hugely, especially once the language started settling with me.


Anna-Cajsa Johansson - London Helped Me To Better Express Myself

You started your career working as an accountant in a private equity firm in Mayfair – what made you change the direction after many years? 
After about 6 years of working in different hospitality and front of house positions, I was offered a job in private equity and that was an excellent opportunity for me. While in this role I met some wonderful people and worked for a company I felt very strong loyalty and commitment to. But after some years I felt it wasn’t the right direction for me. What motivated me there were the people and not my role. I was working within relationships that I felt passionate about but with something that in the end, drained me rather than brought me inspiration. I had been introduced to kinesiology some years prior and this seemed to match with what my heart wanted to a much larger degree.

Now you help women in their personal growth – what is your experience of this period?
That we spend a lot of our time doing what we think we should – rather than what we have a burning desire to experience. That we struggle to listen or even hear our heart and that in being able to hear there is fear that we won’t be accepted or loved in living or truth. I am talking about the smallest things as well as the larger choices in life. My experience is that we are so used to reacting and responding to what is needed from us that we struggle to find the way to health and growth through simply listening to ourselves and the strong and powerful flow of our feminine force.

How has this journey been for you since you started to study kinesiology?
Incredible, the toughest and most wonderful times of my life so far. It provided me with a tool to support me through growth in a way that I had wanted for a long time. It also made it possible for me to take a leap and call on some of the strength inside to make changes for myself. This is where in the past I would have compromised my own needs to try and make someone else happy. To now be able to support myself and other people using kinesiology is wonderful. For me it is such a big part of my life and the importance of having regular therapies of various kinds to support me in my growth is something I highly value and would never go without.

The Path
The feeling that I needed to desperately change something. I experienced too much pain in staying with how things were and how I was experiencing the world. It was like I could see my whole life lined out in front of me and I didn’t like what I saw, it seemed to lack something vital. It didn’t sit right with me and I kept searching for something that would give me a purpose. I still seek it in so many ways and I don’t expect, nor do I want it to, ever stop.


What is Kinesiology?

With its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology uses the gentle technique of muscle testing to find what needs to be addressed in order to create more stability, increase wellbeing, harmony and health for the person. It is unique in that you can directly access the body’s own innate wisdom and the session is then guided from that point. It is communicating with your body by applying light pressure to a muscle and monitoring how it responds. What this response reveals is used to select the most appropriate type of technique that is ideal for you. This can involve anything from thinking a sentence of a certain structure to the use of essences, crystals or vials carrying the patterns of certain foods or toxins.

While the chosen technique is carried out, energy stabilisation procedures will be applied. This might include acupuncture points which are gently held to retune the energy of the body; radionics and other devices being used on or near the body to promote energy stabilisation. No needles are involved. With Kinesiology, each treatment can be tailored to the specific needs of the person in that moment.