Sarah Yavari – I Went to Look for a House & Became a Broker


Sarah was born in Iran thirty years ago and has been in the UK for ten years. After four years of living in Sheffield, Sarah decided to move to London. Passionate about cooking, she came with an idea to find a job as a cook. However, before this, she had to find a house, and this led her to knock on the door of several agencies.

Oh no, I don’t understand this job. I am looking for a job as a cook!

Sarah’s story shows that this might have been her destiny. While viewing the houses, she became friends with the owner of the agency, and once she found the house she was looking for, the lady asked her “Why don’t you come to work with me – you are a very talented woman for real estate”. Sarah’s reaction at the beginning was “Oh no, I don’t understand this job. I am looking for a job as a cook”. The lady of the agency insisted “I recognise talented people immediately, I am sure you could be very successful in this job. Why you don’t try it”. Her answer was again “No, this is not my type of job”. In fact she never imagined herself working in real estate and she had no idea what this was about.

Sarah found her house, said thank you to the lady for the help and continued her new life in London with the hope that she would soon be working as a cook. Six months later she received a call from the Real Estate agency. “Did you find a good job as a cook”? It was the lady that had helped her to find the house. Sarah informed her, in a frustrated voice, that she hadn’t yet found a job yet. The lady replied “I need someone to help me with some administrative things in the office. Why you don’t come and work with me until you find the job that you want?” Sarah gratefully accepted her offer.

Here is where her story in real estate begins. The early days in the office were very difficult as Sarah had to answer the phone and speak the English language but her understanding and communication level was very poor. Sarah was feeling so shy and embarrassed when people called and asked her questions. Her boss insisted “Keep talking, you will learn English only by talking.”

After a few weeks Sarah started to feel more confident and within the first month she did the first transaction. The reward was a great commission payment, which motivated her to work even harder and start loving the job. After three years Sarah decided to leave and start her new adventure of building her own business by creating London Sweet Homes Real Estate. Now she is a business woman dealing with a lot of clients and properties in North London.

Sarah says that it was not an easy decision, as there are many challenges that need to be faced in this fast paced business, but she doesn’t regret setting on this path rather than becoming a cook.

You need to ensure that the steps you take today don’t themselves create additional problems in the future.

I thought that an estate agency job may be easy

I thought that an estate agency job may be easy, driving around showing fabulous houses, working a flexible schedule, and sometimes landing a big commission payment but it is harder than I first imagined. Uncertainty about income, a lack of package benefits, a decline in the housing value, and the risk associated with meeting strangers in vacant homes, can all make this a stressful and dangerous occupation.

The truth is that it a business that is changing all the time – what worked a year ago might now not be the best approach. Recognising and overcoming the common pitfalls associated with growth is essential if your business is going to grow and thrive. You need to ensure that the steps you take today don’t themselves create additional problems in the future. Effective leadership will help you make the most of the opportunities, creating sustainable growth.

The house of my dream

My dream is to be with my family in a castle house built with my own two hands. I love concepts and creating my own design. I dislike modern homes as they feel cheap to me. I love the castle structure, which can feel like warm and cosy and is built to last for centuries. I prefer a natural environment that fits with my dreams.