‘How to Succeed with Your Business and Personal Growth’ Event Summary


Migrant Woman magazine, in association with CNT Associates, recently hosted the ‘How to Succeed with your Business and Personal Growth’ event on 18th October at the Hazev restaurant, Canary Wharf, London.

The event brought together more than 60 people, mostly women but a few men too; a mix of those looking to further their success so far and the aspirational, seeking ideas, knowledge and inspiration. The speakers were:

Jenny Garrett – Executive Coach and Author

Mais Haddadin – Head of International Business at Pera

Gary Parker – Managing Director – CNT Associates

They are already well-known in their field, and shared information and tips with the attendees.

Jenny spoke about “Getting the Balance Right” and using a solutions focus approach, with bicycle images to illustrate her points, and the concluding message, “keep pedaling”.

Mais provided insightful information on migrant entrepreneurs and their contribution to the UK economy and talked about a growth support programme called Growth Accelerator.

Gary gave a lot of information about various funding sources and opportunities to start up or progress, both as a commercial business and for setting up a charity or community project.

Mirela Sula, editor in chief of Migrant Woman magazine commenced the event with her presentation emphasising the idea of networking importance. She highlighted the fact the Migrant Woman magazine has the aim and focus on the positive aspects of migrant women and highlighting their strengths and abilities. Mirela also raised another issue that she is very aware of, the migrant women who suffer and have suffered from domestic violence.

The owner of the TAS restaurant group, including Hazev, Onder Sahan, welcomed the guests and the diverse representation present. After spreading his message for a positive energy, he invited everybody to enjoy the extensive range of a Turkish food buffet lunch which received many complimentary comments.


A raffle was held to raise money for Solace Women’s Aid, a very well-known organisation which works with women who are victims of domestic violence. http://www.solacewomensaid.org/

This raised £100 from ticket sales and 10 lucky winners received great prizes, as follows:

  • One year subscription to Migrant Woman magazine. Quarter page magazine advertisement and website banner advert. (Congratulations Angela Brown). migrantwoman.com
  • Half day of business consultancy from speaker Gary Parker, CNT Associates cntassociates.com
  • One hour Wellness LookGood FeelGood session. Spa and skincare session and a 3 day trial of the finest nutrition products from Izabella Niewiadomska of Total Wellness total-wellness4life.com                                                                                     
  • One month’s access to the Happenista Project, an online coaching programme that focuses on goal setting, dream getting, career netting and thought resetting, from speaker Jenny Garrett rockingyourrole.co.uk
  • Three course dinner for two with a bottle of wine, at Havez restaurant, from the owner Onder Sahan hazev.com
  • Silver Turkish plate as a special gift prize from Onder Sahan
  • Attendance at three public speaking seminars by Keith Vaz, Labour MP and Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, October to December, from Aysegul Alp Yesildaglar of Docklands Academy
  • Three months access to continual professional development sessions held each Friday morning at the Docklands Academy, from Aysegul Alp Yesildaglar, Principal of Docklands Academy docklandsacademy.co.uk
  • ‘Don’t Let Your Mind Go’ book, from the author Mirela Sula amazon.co.uk/Dont-Let-Your-Mind-Go-ebook/dp/B00KOKX02Q
  • ‘Rocking Your Role’ book, from the author Jenny Garrett rockingyourrole.co.uk  

The attendees also valued the networking opportunities with like-minded women and there was a real buzz before the proceedings started, during lunch and afterwards. Useful connections were made. Many went outside on a pleasant and mild October day, for group photographs. These and many other pictures of the event can be seen on the Migrant Woman Facebook page.

At the time of writing, we have received 10 online survey responses (through Survey Monkey) and the summary is as follows:

Overall, how would you rate the professional event?

  • Excellent (50%)
  • Very good (30%)
  • Fairly good (20%)

How much value for the money was the professional event?

  • A great deal of value (30%)
  • A lot of value (40%)
  •  A moderate amount of value (10%)

How unique was the professional event?

  • Very unique (40%)
  • Fairly unique (30%)
  • Slightly unique (10%)

Was the professional event length too long, too short, or about right?

  • About right (80%)
  • Slightly too short (10%)
  • Somewhat too short (10%)

How organised was the professional event?

  • Very organised 50%
  • Somewhat organised 40%
  • Slightly organised 10%

How friendly were the staff?

  • Extremely friendly 10%
  • Very friendly 80%
  • Slightly friendly 10%

How would you rate the presenters at the professional event?

  • Excellent 30%
  • Very good 40%
  • Good 20%

How would you rate the vendors at the professional event?

  • Extremely good (20%)
  • Very good (40%)
  • Somewhat good (20%)

How would you rate the venue/location?

  • Extremely good (30%)
  • Very good (50%)
  • Somewhat good (10%)

We have noted the comments and areas to work on for the future to achieve even higher ratings than the overall very positive responses so far. Onwards and upwards.