Sarah Alexander – Three Tips for Keeping Your Dreams Alive


Sarah AlexanderBy Sarah Alexander

Welcome to the United Kingdom – a country of vast culture, incredible beauty and a fascinating history with stunning architecture to match. I hope you will be very happy here and able to fulfil your dreams and aspirations.

I would like to give you three tips on how to fulfill your vision as you settle into life here in the UK:

1. Have a Clear Inner Intention About What You Want to Achieve
It is always worthwhile spending the time to gain absolute clarity on your intentions. Consider: what exactly do you want to achieve here? Why do you want to achieve it?

When we have inner clarity, the reticular activating system in our mind acts like a laser beam that focuses on our aspirations. It draws our attention to the subtle clues that appear in our lives that are going to take us to the fruition of our desires.  This is why we need to stay completely open to how to achieve our dreams because the Universe will have a plan that is perfect and unique for us.

2. Keep your Focus on What You Want to Achieve
It is easy to get distracted away from our personal outcomes. This is especially likely when it seems that nothing is happening, or working out, in line with our dreams. At this time we become focused on the problems, the issues and the lack. This is the time when we are often tempted to give up.

We know that what we focus on expands, so during the challenging times keeping a clear focus on our intentions is imperative. We too have to call upon the qualities of determination and persistence… and just keep going knowing “this too shall pass”.

3. Follow Your Intuitive Guidance to Achieve Your Dreams
Know that there is an inner Intelligence working within you that has your best interests at heart. This Intelligence knows how you can easily achieve your dreams and it may also have an even better plan for you. Be willing to take notice of those gut feelings, intuitive hunches, moments of inspiration, creative thought and synchronicities that are guiding you from within to all you want to achieve.

By following these three steps, you will be able to achieve all that you wish to achieve and more in the UK. I wish you well.

Sarah Alexander runs transformational programmes to help people make the most of their life’s work and make friends with their inner Intelligence.