Ping Ping – I Aspire To Be The Light That Can Transform The World


By Dennis Odeny

New people come into our lives every day. Whatever mark they leave on you depends on how far you are willing to listen. With musical laughter in the background, the face lights up to reveal a woman you probably have never known. She might seem obscure to the world, and probably seems like any other person, but there is more to this woman than meets the eye.

Ping Ping, the Director of Peace Revolution project with the World Peace Initiative Foundation, radiates the two elements in her Chinese name …peace and apples (which are actually good for your health!)

In a society where patriarchy defines positions and status, women leaders may not be much seen. Nevertheless, the Thai woman illuminates admirable qualities and traits that are quite relevant in the current leadership discourse. Ping Ping can be tough and rather reserved but she is adorable and has a way of communicating in-between statements that kept me drawn to her strong personality and view of life.

Many times we are the one who complicate things, not others. Let’s enjoy our life from within and you won’t have to rely on any gadgets to entertain you

Despite having grown up in a Catholic school, a school with affluence in Bangkok at that time, she admits that simplicity has been her motto for decades. Back then, for most children from her institution, glamour was the norm. Such traits in humanity never seem to wear off and often keep people enslaved to wants of desires that are replicating and uncontrollable. However, call it modest upbringing or a good karma, but Ping Ping embraced the art of simple living from childhood, which she has gently crafted in her current lifestyle as the director of Peace Revolution Project. Simplicity to her minimises certain paradoxes of life and the ever insatiable wants that humanity desires.

When asked how she manages to run several projects across the globe taking into consideration the fast growing speed of the Peace Revolution since its conception in 2010, Ping Ping believes that nothing is actually hard. In fact, she believes in having one plan at a time, then focusing her energy on it and ensuring its success. Her confidence and commitment to achieve her goals is one driving force that enhances her growth. To Ping Ping, this could not have been possible had she not started meditation. She explains that meditation is a mental exercise that enables her to relax, still her mind, and create the right focus she needs in her daily schedules.

With a more sensitive mind, the deeper your perception will be toward things around you.

Even though she knew of meditation long back, Ping Ping never got the interest until she encountered the Dhammakaya meditation technique. She was thrilled by the many people who could successfully meditate and have amazing experiences to tell afterwards, and wanted to try it. Doing the wrong practice incessantly without stopping, Ping Ping drew motivation from diligent meditators who taught her about the visualisation technique. She has meditated for over twenty years and cherishes every moment of it.

Ping Ping has therefore devoted her life to share the precious knowledge about inner peace to the world. In a nutshell, Ping Ping is a likeable woman, quite interpersonal, understanding and friendlier than she at first seems, which are great qualities for a twenty first century leader.


You have dedicated your life to peace and meditation – how can you describe the world that you have created within?

For me, our ‘Inner World’ will reflect to your ‘Outer World’ inevitably. It means if you are pleasant and joyful, your face will always be with smiles. To have a high EQ, (emotional intelligence quotient) a lot of things in life will be easier. Many times we are the one who complicate things, not others. Let’s enjoy our life from within and you won’t have to rely on any gadgets to entertain you.

What is meditation to you and why you would recommend it to people who are still in a dilemma about starting to practice it or not?

Meditation is one form of exercise but not to the body, rather to the Mind. It helps you to be present, conscious, and to focus on your thought, speech, and action. These days people refer to it as mindfulness, whatever you want to call it. Everyone needs this exercise, whether or not they know of its importance, which is the cleaning process, like bathing. If your body can get dirty, so too can the mind. You can’t see it with your eyes, but your mind can touch it more or less. It depends on how delicate your mind is. With a more sensitive mind, the deeper your perception will be toward things around you.

3 reasons to make meditation part of your everyday life:

  1. Remember 4 key words. Just do it now! Ask yourself, when do you want to have a better life? If you want it now, just do it now! If not, then procrastinate on it.
  2. Find the right teacher and technique for yourself. This will enable you to do it in the right way in order to make progress. At the Peace Revolution website, you can try our free online self-development program, where we provide 11 instruction videos.
  3. Be committed! Especially for the first 7 days. Meditation is a continuous process and needs regular practice to see its effect. The longer the time you give to it, the more benefit you will experience by yourself. This is a scientific experiment, and no need to pay respect to anything or anyone.


5 main benefits of meditation

  1. Meditation helps purify the mind to be good and kind to oneself as well as to others. As a result, you will understand yourself and others better.
  2. Meditation fulfills you with good energy to cope with things, especially in making important decisions.
  3. Meditation makes you stronger in spirit and morale. It helps you to inspire yourself, with no need to rely other people, books, stories, or anything else.
  4. Meditation makes you feel more secure in uncertainty or unexpected circumstances. Also, it gives you confidence when facing a dilemma. You will be aware of the stress-free zone when you meditate regularly.
  5. Meditation is a free medication for a mind. Our mind needs some rest because it works day and night without stopping. It starts to function less effectively, whether or not you realise it. It gets infected many times and the symptoms are clear, such as anxiety, nervousness, stress, and so on. Why don’t you try giving your mind a rest?