How to Make Your First Million – Event Snapshot


More than 80 people attended Regent’s University London on 25th November to hear the Turkish Dragon entrepreneur and best selling author Baybars Altuntas, talk about the secrets of his success and impart some of his wisdom and ideas for would be entrepreneurs. Baybars talked about his transformation from travelling by bus and then a BMW within two years (he has written a book about it, ‘Off the Bus, into a Supercar’).

Baybars created Deulcom, which became a multi-million dollar business for a 400 dollar investment, and is now the largest training school franchise chain in Turkey.  He has met with US President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden and travels the world to speak at conferences and encourage entrepreneurialism. Migrant Woman magazine welcomes his regular contributions and wisdom in the Dear Baybars section, for readers to ask questions related to their business or idea for starting one.

The ten key steps that Baybars recommends, to become a millionaire from scratch are:

  1. Perceive your environment
  2. See what is missing
  3. Does your nose smell money?
  4. If yes, get your pen and paper
  5. Calculate what you may lose
  6. Re-control your calculations
  7. Are you able to develop your business model as “earn first, spend later”?
  8. Ask everybody      
  9. Close your ears to negative stimulus
  10. Take your risk


Baybars shares his formula to making your first million…