For the Love of Cars



By Ada Albert

I love the unknown and strive to learn more. I am glad that a lunch invitation with a friend took me right where I wanted to be, on a beautiful sunny day in October. What an ideal day to enjoy the wealth of cars on a well-known stretch of a busy road in well-heeled Knightsbridge, central London. For the first time it felt so right that I didn’t have to question the idea behind interviewing women on their love of cars. I have to admit that I have a dream car in mind too, but for many years I have preached of practicality. It would be good to rethink brash for posher, but for now my other priorities take first place.

Cars and women have an old bond, and believe it or not, women drove cars for well over twenty years before gaining their right to vote in the twentieth century. It is believed by a number of industry experts that women today make up over 50% of the automotive market. 80% of the buying decisions are influenced by women, which have indeed revolutionised the marketing strategies of the automotive market.

I decided to not leave Knightsbridge without getting an insight from one of London’s prestigious flagship dealerships. A huge plate glass window and warmly lit showroom on its own, told a story of art and craft. I asked if their cars appealed more to men or women. I wasn’t surprised to receive two different answers. The first answer illustrates that certain cars are still preferred more by men than women. The second answer was that with women’s demands in the automotive market their new incoming models will have to also be appealing to women.

Bolgan Yerbatyrova

Bolgan Yerbatyrova is from Khazakistan. She is married, loves her family, cars, motorcycles, all new technology, and dreams big. Bolgan has a great passion for photography and also in making handcrafted cards. She loves making things by creating everything from scratch. Visitors to her studio inevitably

“My children and my husband come before any luxury car.”

Dreaming big is important and you should stick to it. Be devoted to your dreams but also work hard for them, because it’s not something that just comes to you like a bubble. You need to jump up high, catch your dreams and make them a reality. When you create your family, you work together towards your dreams”. Bolgan Yerbatyrova is a woman who loves her family, cars, motorcycles, all new technology, and dreams big.

She says “The car is another love of mine, but ranks well behind the importance of the family for me. I should specify my family; my children and my husband come before any luxury car. I live for my children and for my beautiful family.”

Bolgan VerbatyrovaAs a woman who loves cars, Bolgan can freely choose her car. According to her own judgement, Bolgan has a very good taste in cars. She knows exactly what type of car suits her best as a person and as a mother. Although many women might think her choice is not very feminine or woman-like, she is very interested in cars.

When did you learn to drive and what was your first car?

My dad taught me to drive at a very young age. It’s over twenty years now that I have held a driving licence and I still remember with great admiration my first car, the purple Toyota Camry. This car was ‘wow’ a dream come true.

Do you have a dream car and which one?

My dream car is a Rolls Royce but due to the special status that this car has, no one drives a Rolls Royce without a chauffeur. My second choice is a Bentley because I enjoy the experience of driving by myself, and I also like the Range Rover.

You always get a new car for your birthday. How special is that is to you? When you are gifted a car how would you describe your feelings?

New cars usually come out when it is my birthday and it’s a pleasurable gift to me. Who doesn’t like presents? When someone gives you a car as a present it doesn’t matter what the car is really, but the fact that my husband was able to give such a valuable present, it makes every car that I get to be very special to me. It is overwhelming and the most important feelings that come with it are being extremely happy and grateful.

How do you manage stress under traffic?

With the latest technology, GPS can find you a route without traffic, but I don’t get stressed in traffic. I allow plenty of time in my agenda to get to my destination.

There is a saying that the car wheels also give clues to your age, gender, income level and marital status, even of your political leanings. How true is that to you?

Yes it’s true, not everyone can afford a dream car, someone with a small budget or lower income can’t buy a Bentley. About age and gender I don’t think this is true, it’s a matter of taste and status.

Why do you love cars? Where does the love for cars come from?

Probably because of my strong relationship with my father, I spend so much time with him and developed a common interest in cars and maybe also because of my love towards him.

When I was little I always dreamed big. I came from a large family and we had to look after livestock straight after school and it was hard. I would sit under a tree and say to my sisters “in the future I would have a beautiful family, a beautiful home and a beautiful car”. And I am lucky I have it. I was not only a dreamer but made it come true.

Cristina Moura

Cristina Moura
Cristina Moura is originally from Lisbon, Portugal. Cristina graduated in Finance and has always worked in banking.

From scared to driving into a velocity “dream car” lover

“I always smile, every day and to everyone, no matter if I’m in a good or bad mood. Being useful, friendly and caring makes me so happy” says Cristina Moura. Cristina has been living in London for two years, after moving with her family from Brazil where they lived for six years, and is originally from Lisbon, Portugal.

When did you first drive a car?

I got my driving licence when I was 22 years old, but I was really scared to start driving.

What excites you about cars and how does that define your love of cars?

I love the design and velocity of cars. When you buy something to wear, you look for something that makes you feel comfortable and fits. The type of fabric, the quality and price relationship, but for sure you also look at the design and style. It has to be fashionable for you and good looking. It isn’t different when you are choosing a car, besides all the technological and security aspects, you certainly consider the design. Velocity in cars gives me a sensation of freedom and forces me to be more focused and concentrated.

How do you manage stress when you are in traffic?

Sometimes it is very difficult to manage stress in traffic. After driving for more than six years in São Paulo, a chaotic city ridden in traffic, I must confess that I’m much more relaxed driving here in London.

Which is your dream car?

The BMW X6. I think it is gorgeous! Design and elegance allied with technology make the perfect combination. It has everything I could dream of in a car!

Do you have a favourite place that you wish to drive the car of your dreams?

My favourite place would be Monte-Carlo (Monaco). Its beauty and glamour is matched perfectly with a BMW X6! Monte-Carlo is the place where wealth and poshness are constantly on show, so that is the right place to drive my dream car.


Jyoti Goklany

Jyoti Goklany
Jyoti Goklany has an MBA in Finance and comes from India. Straight after her marriage, she and her husband relocated to Budapest and worked in finance for five years. Her journey didn’t stop there and then moving to Amsterdam she worked for Erasmus University. In the UK, Jyoti has had roles in the education sector.

My dream car is the Maserati

Life is there to be lived to the full. We must persevere and colour it fully with our positive souls. Each and every ray of colour represents the best moments of Jyoti Goklany, from childhood to adult car lover. Love is the foundation of everything that Jyoti does in her own special way of making everyone around her sense the welcoming messages deeply from her heart.

Excited about cars, Jyoti started our interview by saying: “As a newly married bride when I first left the comforts of my home, I ended up in Hungary, a country adjusting to the effect of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Cars always fascinated me, only because it was something that made me feel really powerful and gave me a big sense of freedom. The first car we owned was a Volkswagen Golf. Oh, how I have fond memories of driving through the cobbled roads where traffic was such a revelation, having experienced driving a four wheel Suzuki Maruti, which was my first car that I drove in a disorganised India, where I learnt to drive at the age of 18.

I drove to Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and the Alps. I learned how to drive with wheel chains to avoid skidding. The new concept of ABS made me feel more secure. It made me feel more relaxed driving rented cars, where I experienced the likes of Fords, Fiats and BMW’s.

With my family we moved to Dubai where we bought a Honda Accord, a beautiful beast where I had an edge over my husband. as I got my driving licence before him! By the time we moved to Bahrain, we took our Honda with us, as he still had not managed to get his licence.

We have moved around a lot. In Russia, I owned a VW Passat. I had a driver, and it felt good being driven around for a change. In the UK I was privileged to own a BMW 3 series, which is one of my favourite cars. I drove around 15,000 miles before I received a great birthday present last year, a Lexus RX 450, a stylish and solid vehicle that I will not want to part with.”

How do you manage stress while in traffic?

Unlike my husband, I don’t get stressed with traffic jams etc. I catch up on my phone calls, using the vehicle’s in-built hands free system.

What is your dream car?

My dream car is the Maserati. It is stylish, sounds good and is extremely powerful.

What is the most important thing for you when choosing a car?

I must say that comfort and safety is more important than status and style, but I can relate an individual’s character to the type of car that they drive.