Discover the Secrets of Success from these 5 Wealthy People in 2015


By Mirela Sula

At a time where many in the world are complaining about a global crisis and a lot of men and women still struggle to find a job that pays enough to survive, the question is: Why do some people achieve, with what appears to be relative ease, financial success and security? What do they have more than others?

It is often argued that 90% of our mental power is never or seldom used. This means that we have the power to achieve ten times as much as we ever accomplish. As my passion and expertise is studying how the mind works, I have always been curious to know and understand how the mind of successful people operates? How can we use our mental capacity in an efficient way? How can we get full value for it?

It is said that what we get for our mental product depends mostly on our ability to sell it to the best advantage. We have often heard many people asking: “Why has she/he achieved so much, when their intelligence is not higher than mine? What do they have that I don’t?”.

Yet, these people are able to earn fifty or one hundred times more than the vast majority because they do have something special. They are who they are not by chance but because they estimate the value of what they have to sell: knowledge, experience, loyalty, energy and market it at its full rate.

This is what I have learned from meeting with them and getting to know them in person. This is what they have shared with me.


1. Hetem Ramadani: Businessman / Philanthropist

Practice Meditation.

Today humanity lives in a collective way based on the concepts that are taught by others. We are dependent on the concepts that others passed to us which are:

  • Going to the school
  • Getting good grades
  • Finding a good job
  • Getting married
  • Living within the walls that we create

These walls are in our mind and they don’t allow us to go to the unknown. In order to break this wall we need a lot of energy to see what is behind it. People should have higher expectations and to never stop discovering who they are and their purpose in life. We can reach a quantum level by not only studying or working hard to know others but also trying to know ourselves. Once you discover who you are you then can find it easier to know about others.

I am a businessman and my ambition has always been to have a big luxury house and become financially rich. When I achieved it I realised that something was missing, “the peace within”, and I was not happy. I was locked in the concepts of the past and I was not able to enjoy the millions that I had earned. The money didn’t secure my happiness, therefore I was determined to find out the secret of “Who I am”.

I discovered it only when I started meditation. When you are in a meditative state you can achieve a lot without putting in much effort. During meditation everything is orchestrated from the Universe. In a meditative state you have the support of the Universe to achieve everything you want.


2. Judy Piatkus, Business Leader / Entrepreneur

Visualise what you want to achieve.

Everyone is very talented in different ways, works hard, and is trying to do their best and achieve what they are capable of. None of us ever expected that achievement would come easy and all of us believe that we are here to make a contribution. I can only speak from my personal example to women from different cultures.

I believe that when you give of your best, people respect and value you and they want to work alongside you. It does not matter what your background is. Not everyone will want to work with you and there will always be those who you do not want to work with. Stick to the battles you know you can win. Visualise what you want to achieve, stay focused and enjoy life.

The world is changing very fast now and gradually every door that has been closed is opening and there are many opportunities for everyone to find their passion and give of their best.


3. Baybars Altuntas: Turkish Dragon’s Den / Angel Investor

Don’t be afraid of losing.

Becoming rich requires a particular mind-set. If you can set your mind on something, you can see the things others are looking at. Unfortunately, most people simply look at things but just a few of them actually see what they are looking at.

As a matter of fact, getting rich is not difficult. Your mind-set is important. If you truly believe you can do something, then you do it. If you believe that you cannot, then you fail. If you ask yourself first “What do I stand to lose?” instead of “What do I stand to win?” then this is a good step towards changing your mind-set.

The people who are not afraid of losing are more successful in making money than those who are afraid of losing. And those who are afraid of losing always ask as the first question ‘What do I gain if I do it?’ Mind-setting is something to help you create a balance between your right and left brain. If you cannot do it, then either your left brain works more than the right one, and you cannot come to the implementation stage, which means you cannot be a millionaire.

If your right brain works more than your left one, then you become a dreamer rather than the one who realises dreams, which means you cannot be a millionaire. So, it is very important to see the full and empty parts of the water glass at the same time. Not just one part.


4. Darshana Ubl: CEO of Entrevo UK

Write your plan for the next five years.

Fundamentally, people are the same. Some may say that cultures, language, religion, etc. vary a lot and therefore people are different. Having travelled to more than 30 countries and lived extensively in Singapore, India, Indonesia, Australia and the UK I can say that if you are open to embracing new ideas, seeing things from others point of view and adapt to new things, you can easily blend into any culture.

Less than four years ago I moved to London and although I felt the excitement of it all, I did often feel “Oh no, I have to re-build my life in this city where people make it a profession just to be busy!”. So one weekend I took my notebook and began to write my plan for the next five years.

One of the things I had written was – being invited on the BBC as an expert in what I do. Three and a half years later, I was invited onto BBC News during prime time to comment on the GDP rise and how it affected small business and exports. Dreams do come true. Now it’s time to dream up the next adventure.


5. Julia Langkraehr: Entrepreneur, Strategic Coach and Facilitator

Find out what you love, are good at.

I have a healthy relationship with money. I see it as a tool and a means to an end. I came from an environment of scarcity in a small town where many people had lower incomes and lived frugally. It taught me that money doesn’t buy happiness, and you can get by very well on very little. I enjoy earning money because I feel like it is a reward for providing value, and I come from a retail background where I know both personally and professionally that retail therapy feels good. However, my spending is always within a budget and needs based, as I don’t like to be wasteful.

As human beings we have lots of fears. One of the biggest shared fears is if we are enough. What I mean by this is, sometimes I feel like I constantly have to do to be worthy, and my ideal would be to be able to be myself and know that is enough. This has to do with self-confidence. I am sure that other people would relate to this feeling.

My advice for everyone who wants to be financially successful is: Find out what you love, are good at, and that other people will pay you for. Build your network of both clients and suppliers, have a clear vision and then single-mindedly move towards that vision, building your business, career, and network in order to be financially recognised.