Jo Davison – the Story of the Blue Cow


Jo Davison is a business owner, author, speaker, wife, mum to three amazing kids and co-creator of the premier business and lifestyle event- The Blue Cow Summit.

Jo’s passion is to help others be the best they can be. She believes we are all here for a purpose, to serve, live a life we love and to leave a positive legacy. A few years after graduating with degrees in Chiropractice and setting up their first practice, Jo and husband Steve, found themselves disillusioned and burnt out. They decided everything had to change and sought advice and mentoring from around the world to transform their business and life.

They created the UK’s most unique Chiropractic centre and designed it to be W.O.W – meaning not only was the service world class given by an amazing team under their leadership, it could run With or Without them and be profitable. News of their business model soon began to attract attention. People started to ask them how they achieved it so Jo and Steve wrote the book ‘CRACK IT. 5 Steps to creating your WOW Chiropractic Practice’ and started their mentoring company ‘Crack it training’. Jo and Steve now focus on helping small business owners create a business they love and their dream life. Jo and Steve’s new book is due out in April 2015.

The Blue Cow story is part of a children’s programme that used to be shown in the UK. It’s all about a cow – a blue cow – who is different from all the other cows in her field. She dreams of what exists in the world beyond. She’s full of optimism, energy and curiosity. She’s passionate and dynamic and full of life. Her brown cow colleagues are none of these things. When she tells them that she wants to be an astronaut, or compete in the Olympics or be a great ballet dancer, they look up from chewing the grass and say: ‘She’s off again! Everyone knows cows can’t do that!’

In every episode, Blue Cow ignores their skepticism and goes to the edge of her field where she catches a bus to wherever she needs to be to experience her longing for adventure. We (the audience) watch her win gold medals in the Olympics, dance at the Royal Ballet and when she’s done, she rushes back to her field and tells the brown cows all about her adventures. She’s full of excitement and passion for what’s just happened, but they continue to chew the grass. They say: ‘Everyone knows cows can’t do that.’

The narrator always ends a Blue Cow episode with the words: “But we know they can!”

Jo and Steve could really relate to this story as so often they had heard people tell them what they couldn’t achieve and had heard the words “everybody knows you can’t do that” many times. They started talking about living life like a ‘Blue Cow’ and it developed and became a big part of our culture in our business. They started to attract ‘Blue Cow’ team members and clients.

What is the purpose of this Summit?
The purpose of the summit is to bring together Jo and Steve with some of their Blue Cow mentors who helped us transform our life. This incredible line up of speakers will share their ideas, concepts and strategies to help people take their life, business and career to the next level. To encourage people not to ‘settle’. To empower them with strategies to live their dream life.

Why we should attend this event?
You should attend this event to transform your life. You will leave this event feeling inspired and motivated, with the strategies to:

  • Maximise your health potential and well-being
  • Create a financial strategy that serves your life long-term
  • Develop a property portfolio
  • Attract your ideal clients so that your business is ‘over-subscribed’
  • Change your mindset and get rid of limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Achieve your ultimate relationship
  • Plot a course to build a business you love, which works With or Without you
  • Become your authentic self and find your passion and purpose
  • Design your Dream life and have a path to create it


Who should attend this event?
Business owners, Entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and anyone who wants to live life as a Blue Cow and not settle or listen to people who tell them what cannot be done. This event is for people who want to live their dream life and leave a positive legacy.

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