Shapeshifting Into a New Reality


In many ways we’re all facing how to shapeshift and dream our world into being no matter where we’ve come from or our personal circumstances. It typically starts with a strong desire to change things and that might involve, switching countries, letting go of relationships that have run their course and attempting a new skill to improve ourselves in some way. Having a strong vision of how our lives could be and the world more specifically gives us the hope and the momentum to move beyond where we are.

In some regards we might be facing all of these changes at once and that can feel very extreme and overwhelming at times. Nor does it matter whether that desire to change is born out of pain or because of a need to seek pleasure because when the soul calls us we’re compelled to answer that call.

It’s our soul that wants to lift us from merely existing and surviving to the land of thriving yet as a modern day alchemist I know that more than anything our external reality, the everyday world we find ourselves in is merely a reflection of everything that we’ve been thinking and feeling.

So this article is dedicated to the many people who are changing, transforming those old outdated modes of thinking, knowing that change begins inside ourselves and when we live our lives with love, unity and inner peace in our hearts we bring about healing not just into our own lives but to the world as a whole.

We do literally dream our worlds into being so as Einstein once famously said of the three things that are most important for our growth and potential out of knowledge, experience and imagination, it is imagination!

Seeing is not believing, in fact, believing is seeing!
If we can dream it we truly can achieve it because we construct the image in our heads first then infuse it with strong desires and feelings as if it has already been achieved. All of physical matter is alive with vibrating energy. We may not be able to see the flow and movement of this energy but the same natural laws that govern nature and life in the physical world also exist in the unseen vibrational world that we are all part of.

This understanding is now supported by modern physics. So we are beginning to move away from the old isolating and separatist thinking patterns that have disconnected us all and we are becoming more aware of the interconnected web of life.

Knowing this shows us that each of us has the power to change the energy we set in motion purely by the way that we choose to think and to feel. We can consciously grow the changes that we wish to see happen in ourselves and the world around us.

So the starting point in dreaming a new reality is to let your imagination wonder for a while and to do this it helps to get curious again, like a child does, because children believe that anything is possible.

Manifesting Through the 5 Elements
In the world of energy thoughts are electrical and feelings are magnetic so we start by imagining what we want our lives to look like and who we want to become in the process.  When we listen to the whispers of our soul, our spirit we get into a rhythm and a flow that can feel truly magical.

That’s because spirit is the energy of all life, it represents the all-inclusive open circuit of energy with no beginning or end, just endless streams of possibility.

Everything exists first in the subtle realms of spirit and from here all matter takes form.

Fire represents the spark of life so its’ both thinking and action combined. The choices we make stabilise these streams of possibility and create a catalyst for change. Fire is the spark of inspiration and the imagination, the initiator that transforms what is on the inside of us into that outer action and manifestation. So fire is the passion we have for something or someone.

Water represents the element of our inner world, our unconscious needs, desires and feelings that influence what we bring to life and directing the flow of possibilities. It brings movement and life. When we enhance emotions such as trust, appreciation and gratitude and loving kindness we develop a generous open hearted energy flow. This influences us and others in many unseen ways, creating better health, happiness and becoming more of who we really are.

The earth is the physical world of matter and form and is the natural energy of creation. New life always begins with a period of incubation in the dark buried within the earth, in a womb or in our imaginations. Take a seed, an egg, an idea, a feeling, and our vision for the future we wish for. The earth brings in the balance and regeneration, death and rebirth and of activity then rest and renewal to sustain us.

Finally air is the element of vibration, sound, communication and connection. Our words and thoughts are constantly creating waves of vibration that travel through the web of life, setting off change and manifestation as they proceed. So air is the circulating energy and the thoughts and words we send out return to us and become our belief patterns and the philosophy that we choose to live by. Beliefs always influence what we manifest over time.

Believing that we’ve already created a positive outcome in our imaginations is the basis of all manifestation.

So we hold the key to our futures, irrespective of our pasts, by the beliefs we set in motion in the present moment.